Relax in Sopron

Visit Sopron and beside exploring the historical downtown take some time for a little charge-up. Our hotel provides the relaxing leisure for body and soul, since we often don’t pay enough attention to ourselves in the everyday run. We will organize for you a regenerating massage in Wellbalance studio, where professional hands will be taking care of your stress relief.

Optional services:

  • Medical massage
    During the medical massage the classic Swedish massage, the Marnitz and the trigger technic are mixed, the cramped muscles will be worked through and relaxed, so the pain will be reduced and the latitude of the joints will be expanded. The medical massage is done for healing and/or rehabilitation purposes. It is recommended for treating chronic neck-, shoulder-, back pain, arm- or lower extremities’ complaints, recurring headache, exhaustion, concentration impaired.
  • Relax massage
    Relax massage is done for wellness purposes and is built on the classic Swedish massage. Its purpose is to freshen up the tired muscles, relaxation, stress relief and improving the general well-being. The massage offers a great recreation and charge-up for body and soul. It is also used for preventive purposes because of its numerous beneficial health consequences. Option for part- and whole body massage.

25 min.: 7.500 HUF (back)
50 min.: 11.000 HUF (back+legs)
70 min.: 14.000 HUF (full body)


    • Lymphatic treatment (drainage)
      The lymph drainage is a special, scientifically acknowledged massage, which improves the circulation of the lymphatic system, its regular use terminates the lymphedema, activates the immune system, stimulates the transfer of waste products, which improves the cell regeneration and the healing of inflammation and injuries. The base of strong immune system is made of good lymphatic circulation and the sufficient operation of lymph nodes.

    30 min.: 9.500 HUF
    60 min.: 15.000 HUF
    75 min.: 18.000 HUF

      Book an accommodation and laid your claim for our massage services to our reception via one of the following contacts:
      +36 99/523 816

      Our colleagues will give you an offer for price and date to book, and they will organize the program for the chosen date.

      The Wellbalance studio can be found 10 minutes of walk from our hotel.

      You can pay the fee of the massages directly to the service provider.

      Book directly to get the best prices!